A panoramic view of Pole Creek Golf Club at dusk, featuring an expansive green with a prominent sand bunker in the foreground.

The Course

Nestled in the heart of Grand County, Pole Creek Golf Club stands as a rare gem in the Rocky Mountain region, boasting the distinction of being one of the few public 27-hole golf courses in Colorado. This unique golf haven isn’t just a course; it’s an adventure through Colorado’s natural splendor.

Spanning a majestic 7,107 yards, the course is a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes, weaving through verdant fields bursting with native wildflowers. Its terrain is a thrilling challenge, featuring dramatic elevation shifts that test even the most seasoned golfers. The vast, meticulously maintained bent greens are a golfer’s delight, offering a smooth, consistent playing surface that complements the course’s natural beauty.

Pole Creek’s water features are a spectacle in themselves, with shots navigating over two sparkling ponds and five serene lakes. These water hazards add an extra layer of challenge and strategy, demanding precision and finesse from golfers.

The Ridge 9, known for its significant elevation variations, culminates at a breathtaking 8,812 feet, offering not only a challenging game but also panoramic mountain vistas that are sure to distract even the most focused players. Meanwhile, the Meadow 9 and Ranch 9 courses cater to a full spectrum of golfing skills, from beginners enjoying a leisurely round to experts honing their craft, all playing to a harmonious par 36.

Proudly affiliated with the Colorado Golf Association, Pole Creek Golf Club doesn’t just offer a game of golf; it presents an unforgettable experience that melds the sport with the awe-inspiring beauty of Colorado’s mountainous terrain. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, playing a round here isn’t just about the game – it’s about immersing yourself in an environment where nature and sport unite in perfect harmony.

Blue 71.3 / 134White 74.0/146
White 68.3/126Gold 70.0/134
Gold 62.1/100Red 67.2/125
Blue 72.0/134White 75.3/149
White 69.1/128Gold 71.9/141
Gold 62.2/104Red 67.9127
Blue 70.9/130White74.9/148
White 68.4/127Gold 74.9/148
Gold 65.2/110Red 65.9/125


Pole Creek has a time par of 4 hours and 20 minutes for 18 holes.

If you have purchased a resident card or season pass for the current golf season, you can book any time for the golf season. Non-resident card or pass holders may book 30 days in advance.

Twilight rates start at 2pm daily.

No, we never allow more than four golfers per group.

We cannot guarantee there will be extra carts available for extra riders. It is up to the discretion of the Pro Shop Staff to allow extra carts. Extra riders will be charged $20/person

No, each golfer must have their own set of clubs in order to play at Pole Creek. Rental clubs are available.

Pole Creek Golf Club and Bistro 28 restaurant do not allow dogs on the golf course or on the patio. Exceptions include registered service animals.

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